Zero Treatment


Zero Series Guitars

I called Zero Treatment the works done to get an Extreme Low Action, usually of 0.8mm at 24 Fret, and very comfortable playing.

This works consist of a complete setup of the instrument, an high-precision grinding, and Frets polishing for increase bending fluency.

Note: It is not always possible to get an Action under the Millimeter with all Guitars, also depends on the quality of the Instrument and his Neck. For Fretless Neck, is usually of 1.5mm.

The Zero Series guitars, are the Guitars that I create or Customize with the Zero Treatment.

So, who buy it, know that Guitar comes with an Extreme Low Action and a very Comfortable Feeling.

I put a small Logo on the Headstock to distinguish them from other Series.

what’s Zero treatment

Up: 12° Fret Action Zoom.

Left: An 1mm thickness Pick held between the Strings and the Neck with the Guitar in vertical.

This is My Jem7 with My Zero Treatment. I use it for fast parts with Legato, Tapping, Hammer-on and Pull-off.

But be careful, too much Comfort make fingers Lazy...!

Extreme Low Action of 0.8 mm at 24° Fret.

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