Make Your Custom Guitar, Now!


Step 0 - talk about the project

Okay, You've decided to get a New Custom Guitar.

But where to start? 

It’s a long process, and not olways have clear ideas.

I will try to Help You throughout the development of the project, by removing doubts and helping You in Your choices.

Contact Me and We will Talk about Your Guitar Project. Your Idea, Needs, Specifics, and Budget* for the Project. If it’s all Right, We Start.

Step 1 - choice of the type OF BODY AND NECK, COLOR AND FRETS

It’s time to Choice of Body and Neck Shape, Specifics and Woods. Woods affects the Sound Response and the Weight of Your Guitar, and are the main elements for a good Natural Sustain. If there is a Guitar on the market with the Body and Neck you want, sometimes We can save money by buying it as a starting point, instead of creating them new Custom. We can do a search to find out.

The Colors and Finish are a Personal choice, but even here, depending on the paint used, You can have small improvements in Sound. And Then The Frets, mainly responsibles for the fingers feeling together the Neck. Small, Medium, Jumbo, there are Frets to suit all tastes. If You're not sure what it does for You, I will try to help You in Your choice.

Step 3 - choiCe of hardware specs and colors

For Play, the Guitar Needs Pickups. This is the most important Choice inherent in the Sound.

You want a Deep and Warm Sound? A Clean and Bright Midrange sound..?

Or a Treble and Saturated Sound...? There are dozens of brands and hundreds of types of Pickups on the market.

The Choice of the Right Pickups Set, gives You the most of the Sound You want.

After Pickups and Wiring, comes the turn of the Mechanics, Nut, and Bridge.

There are responsables of the Tuning Of the Guitar.

Good Hardware, good Fine Tuning. If You want to use a Tremolo Bridge instead of a Fixed Bridge, it’s a yet more important choice. As usual, if you need I'll try to Help You in Your choice. For the Hardware color, it’s Your personal Taste.


Okay, The Project starts to take shape. Now We have to think more specific to the type of Sound You want to get. Standard Wiring? Pickup in Series or Parallel..? Phase or Out Of Phase...? Additional Switches and Electronics Help to obtain All Pickup Combinations and Wiring that You Want. And if You don’t like to see them, We can Hide them, using Volume and Tone Controls Pull up. If you have no idea how to Sounds the various combinations, I will try to Help You making you listen to the Sound Samples.

Step 4 - parts and components assembly

It’s My Time. I will do all Works for You. Assembly and Wiring Parts and Components of the Guitar. I will keep You informed of the progress of the Project, with Photos if necessary.

Step 5 - complete setup of your needs

The Guitar is in Our Hands! But The Action is too High, And the Tuning it’s not so Fine...

It Needs a Good Setup to be Perfect!

After a General Setup and the Octaves have been adjusted, You can choose which the best setup for You. Low Action, Mid or High..? It’s influence the Sustain and the Dynamics of Your Touch.

And the Comfort of Your Hand and Fingers.

Usually I use a Mid Range Comfortable Action, but if You play fast with a lot of Legato, Tapping, Hammer-on, Pull-off, and need to play more fast, the Zero Treatment is what do for You. After finished the Complete Setup, I try and test the Instrument.

The Guitar is in your hands!

The Instrument is Ready to be played!

You try it and make sure that it’s all Okay, and if there are little corrections to be made to the Setup for Your Needs.

After Payment, You can Take it and back to Home With Your New Custom Guitar,

Plug it to Your Amp, And Rock!


*Note: After making an Estimate Budget, all costs of materials and operations, may undergo slight changes that will be communicated during the Project.

A deposit is Required to start the Project, which will be based on the total cost of the Works.

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