WORKS on guitars


On Neck



Make your Neck Fretless will open you new sound possibilities and ideas, but without the Frets as reference, is more difficult to play tuned; I will fill the grooves with different wood color from fingerboard, to have visual reference. The fingerboard will be rectify to have a good action and play with more comfort.

Frets rectify & polishing

headstock B&W / Color hot printing

Make your neck Scalloped, give you more precision and comfort in bending notes, especially in the last few Frets more close. For example, some players choice to have a Full Scalloped Neck, as Yngwie Malmsteen, other only the bottom end on the Neck, as Steve Vai and Me ;).

Make your Frets leveled and polished, will make you play fast and with more comfort for your fingers. A perfect rectified fretboard, give you the opportunity to have a low Action and minimize the string’s buzz. Togheter with a full instrument Setup, you can have a very low Action of less than a millimiter, usually 0.8mm. I call all this work “Zero Treatment”, and mark “Zero series” the guitars that i create and born with this treatment.

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What makes a Guitar more personalized then a name? I print tha name on your Headstock, and you can choice if leave it natural wood or paint it with a layer of vetrify paint, that protect it more and give a gloss effect. Usually i leave it natural wood, because i don’t like gloss effect on Headstock, but it’s a personal choice.

assembly and replacement of Pickups, bridge, hardware parts and components

You have a good guitar for the hands, but the Sound or Hardware don’t satisfy you. Or simply you want a New Custom Guitar with Hardware and Sound that satisfy your needs.

Most of the Sound of a guitar, comes from the Pickups. The Tuning of your guitar comes from the Bridge, Nut, and Machine Heads. And a Touch of Class from the Knobs and Hardware colors. Make your choice, i assembly and replace all parts and components of your guitar.


The years pass also for the guitars, and the Frets wear out with use. Your Frets are too low for another Rectify or to play? It’s time to Refret your Neck. De-fretting and refretting are long and expensive works, but the guitar and your fingers will be happy to play it again!

Wiring and Active Mods

A good Wiring helps to achieve the sound we want. Pickups in Series, Parallel, Out of Phase, and the combination between them, give to the Guitar New Sounds and possibility of expression. Add Switches and Electronic Components to find the right Sound that you want.

On Body / Electronic

grounding and Shielding

Annoying Noises? Hear the radio in your Guitar? A good Grounding and Shielding is what You need. Especially on the Stratocaster, that is already a Noisy Guitar because of the Single Coils Pickups, You get the best results.

Here You find the most common Works that I do with Your Guitar. For Other Works or Info, Mail Me.

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Custom Nuts / Nut Optimization

The nut is a very important part of your instrument. A Good and optimized Nut, improve the intonation and the playability of first Frets off Your Neck!

Complete Setup To Your Needs

A perfect Setup makes Your Instrument Comfortable and Playable, perfect to Your Needs and Hands. Just tell me what do you want, and i make it possible!

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