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With Your Guitar:

- Parts and components, assembly and replacement

- Wiring Mods and additional Switches

  1. -Rectify, Frets Polishing, Refretting and other Works

  2. -Repair & Maintenance

  3. -Complete Setup to Your needs;   And Much More!

With a New Guitar:

- Choice of the type of body and neck, color and frets *

- Choice of the type of wiring and additional Switches

- Choice of hardware specs and color

  1. -Parts and components assembly

  2. -Complete Setup to Your needs

* Ability to purchase a guitar with the body and neck as you want as a starting point if there is one on the market, often saving money instead of making them new custom.


Make Your Custom Guitar, Now!

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Contact For Info:

I have interest and love for Electric Guitars for many years now, and this passion has led me to expand more and more my technical knowledge about this tool so fascinating and evocative. Nowadays there are guitars of all kinds and for all tastes , but there is always something that pushes the Guitarist in search of the perfect tool, and however much He try, He do not ever find . And so You feel the need to make changes, to customize your instrument to suit your needs and styles, starting from Setup, and then continue with the quest of Your Sound by searching the right Pickup and making changes to the Wiring, adding external switches and on-board effects, always searching for new sounds, the personal sound that makes us go outside of the box and that identifies us. Oh yes, I speak in the plural because also I'm guitarist, just like You.

This is my intent with my work. Create or make the Instrument ideal for Your Needs, Comfortable and Personal.

Because the Sound, before to come even from effects and amplifier, comes out from the Guitar and from Our Hands.




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